Review – Stormburner – “Shadow Rising” from Reflection of Darkness (8/10)

I love the smell of a nice debut album in the morning… and this smells epic, a bit cheesy but Metal as fuck, from the legendary country of Köttbullar, IKEA and GRAND MAGUS I present: Sweden’s STORMBURNER! STORMBURNER were formed in 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden by guys who dig Vikings and Warriors in general.

Just take a look at the cover by Ken Kelly (MANOWAR, KISS, RAINBOW) and you know exactly where to place STORMBURNER. Fist-pumping, epic and traditional Metal to bang your head to. Instrumental-wise this is flawless and beautiful but without the theatrical overacting on vocals by Mike Stark this would probably get lost in the shuffle (too much competition). Stark’s voice is awesome and highly convertible but you have to really dig high pitched screams. The band stated in a bunch of interviews that the reaction to the debut were pretty good, even exceeding their expectations and that is exactly how I feel about it too, great music by awesome musicians who still feel the fire.

The bands of Pure Steel Records are fucking dope, there is more to come of that and I really hope there is more to come of STORMBURNER because they fucking kill it and because I want the full package: Gig, shirt and patch if possible.


Review by Dennis Eikenkötter

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