Review – Stormburner – “Shadow Rising” from Metal Inside

2020 and classic metal is as strong as rare. The Swedes STORMBURNER show with their debut “Shadow Rising” where the hammer is. The mixture of straight metal from the JUDAS PRIEST school, MANOWAR pathos and DOMINE epic knows how to inspire from the stand. The strong vocals of EX-STARBLIND singer Mike Stark play a large part in this. The men of Halford and Adams should also listen to what the man has about Screams. Full throttle events such as “We Burn” stand alongside epic “Men At Arms” stampers and should make every headbanger happy.

STORMBURNER are full professionals and serve us a cornucopia of memorable melodies and you catch yourself shouting a loud “Yes, yes, exactly like that!” Roaring over and over. Everything flows coherently and also qualitatively follows the traces of the great role models from the 80s. Despite these models, STORMBURNER are more timeless than many other retro metal bands. It is clear where the roots are and yet STORMBURNER have turned the wheel further and created their very own niche. Then the fat sound with wonderfully pumping bass fits.

The old SAVATAGE motto “Raise The Fist Of The Metal Child” is absolutely correct here, because the fist flicks up all by itself.

Review by Fabian Zeitlinger

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