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“The debut album, Shadow Rising is one of the best albums of this year”

– Power Metal Warrior

Press Quotes

“ What the Swedes deliver here is without question the best thing I’ve heard about Metal this year. ”

Metal-Only – 10/10
“ “Shadow Rising” has been spinning through my playlist for a few weeks now, and there’s no sign of wear and tear, the ten tracks are as exciting as my first listen ”

Hellfire Magazine – 10/10
“ Wouldn’t be surprised if the boys went on a walk like STEEL PANTHER did a few years ago. From “nothing” to the top very quickly. Everything is just right here ”

Zephyr´s Odem – 10/10
“ Masterpiece, This definitely in my top five of the year ”

XXL-Rock Magazine – 10/10
“ A masterpiece you will yearn to own and be proud to collect ”

The Metal Mag – 100/100
“ I can honestly say I was utterly and completely blown away by StormBurner and their album “Shadow Rising” ”

Horror Metal Sounds – 10/10
“ The debut album entitled “Shadow Rising” is one of the best albums of this year ”

Power Metal Warrior 9.5/10
“ In short, an absolutely first-class debut album, which should hopefully be found on one or the other year’s list! ”

Rock Garage Magazine 9/10
“ I did not hear a record this year, which was so much fun when I first heard it. “Shadow Rising” is pure adrenaline ”

Bleeding4Metal.de – 9/10

“ This newer quintet delivers an addictive and potent brand of heavy metal ”

Dead Rethoric 9/10
“ This is the ideal sound track for a Viking Raid. A damn good Heavy Metal album”

Hellspawn Magazine 88/100
“ This release is coherent and epic, and reaches levels of excellence”

Kaosguards 17/20

“A damn good (heavy) metal album”

Nico at Hell Spawn


The idea of Stormburner and its inception was formed by Mike Stark and Tommi Korkeamäki in the late summer of 2016.
Once the plan had been agreed upon Mike called Stefan Essmyren whom he knew from the local metal scene. After a first jamming session, Stefan was immediately welcomed to the Stormburner family.

Up next, Stefan recommended his longtime friend and former band mate, Tommy Jee. With that, the band had a stable foundation to rehearse. The band was in no dire need to get a lead guitar player at this stage but instead concentrated on writing songs.

Tommy and Stefan knew of Mats through mutual friends however, and succeeded in persuading him to come and play lead guitar. He was immediately hired.
Stormburner were now complete and ready to set sail and conquer the world.

“Now I have my candidate for the Heavy Metal Tron”

– Von Clement at Zephyr’s Odem


Shadow Rising

Release Date: December 6, 2019

01. We Burn
02. Metal In The Night
03. Shadow Rising
04. Demon Fire
05. Ragnarök
06. Men At Arms
07. Eye Of The Storm
08. Into The Storm
09. Rune Of The Dead
10. Ode To War
Total Playing Time: 48:44 min

Ken Kelly

Shadow Rising


Metal Only e.V. – Album of the Year 2019
  1. Stormburner – Shadow Rising
  2. Bloodbound – Rise Of The Dragon Empire
  3. Gloryhammer – Legends From Beyond The Galactic Terrorvortex
  4. Blazon Stone – Hymns Of Triumph And Death
  5. Strider – Dominion Of Steel
  6. Crystal Eyes – Starbourne Traveler
  7. Tombstone – Shadows Of Fear
  8. Majesty – Legends
  9. Freedom Call – M.E.T.A.L.
  10. Wardress – Dress For War
Hellfire Magazine – Top 10 Album of the Year 2019
  • Silent Winter – The circles of hell
  • Stormburner – Shadow rising
  • Eclipse – Paradigm
  • Rammstein – Rammstein
  • Sinner – Santa muerte
  • Iron Fire – Beyond the void
  • Avantasia – Moonglow
  • Hammerfall – Dominion
  • Lindemann – F & M
  • Amon Amarth – Berserker
Hellfire Magazine – Top 5 Songs of the Year 2019
  • Rammstein – Deutschland
  • Stormburner – Ode to war
  • Eclipse – Viva la Victoria
  • Silent Winter – Final storm
  • Screamer – Highway of heroes
Hellfire Magazine – Newcomer of the year 2019
Maverick Metal – Album of the Year 2019
  • STORMBURNER Shadow Rising
  • TÝR Hel
  • INSOMNIUM Heart Like a Grave
  • BLAZON STONE Hymns of Triumph and Death
  • FORLORN HOPE Over The Hills
  • AMON AMARTH Berserker
  • MYSTIK Mystik
  • MÅNEGARM Fornaldarsagor
  • AVANTASIA Moonglow
  • BEAST IN BLACK From Hell With Love
  • VULTURE – HIGH SPEED METAL Ghastly Waves and Battered Graves
Rattle Inc – Heavy Metal Magazine – Album of the Year 2019

1. Stormburner: Shadow Rising
2. Traveler: Traveler
3. Michael Schenker Fest: Revelation
4. The Wings of War
5. Paragon: Controlled Demolition
6. Skelator: Cyber ​​Metal
7. Riot City: Burn the Night
8. Midnight Priest : Aggressive Hauntings
9. Magic Kingdom: Metalmighty
10. Crystal Viper: Tales of Fire and Ice

Powermetal.de – Album top 20 2019

1. OVERKILL The Wings Of War
3. HELLOWEEN United Alive In Madrid
6. FIGHTER V Fighter
7. ASOMVEL World Shaker
8. RIOT CITY Burn The Night
10. AXXIS 30th Anniversary – Best Of EMI Years
11. AVANTASIA Moonglow
13. AERODYNE Damnation
14. ENVENOMED The Walking Shred
15. TANK Re-Ignition
16. STORMBURNER Shadow Rising
17. CIRCLE OF WITCHES Natural Born Sinners
18. MIRROR Pyramid Of Terror
19. MISSION IN BLACK Oceans Of Blood Vinyl EP
20. DEATH ANGEL Humanicide

“I can’t say enough how much this record is a journey, an adventure, a joy to listen to”

– Tim Duran at Horrormetal Sounds


“Stormburner throw a first-class heavy metal album onto the market with their debut album”

– Julian at Rock Garage

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Update: 2020-01-28