Review – Stormburner – “Shadow Rising” from Power Metal Warrior (9,5/10)

The world is moving forward and today’s technology makes it easier for musicians, and above all it gives you the chance to present your own music. Thanks to this, there are many interesting bands that can change our worldview. Swedish Stormburner, which creates music on the border of epic heavy metal and melodic metal. Gentlemen focus on classic solutions and try to remind us of the golden 1980s. Stormburner is a young band that has an idea for themselves and has great potential. Their debut album “Shadow Rising” is to be released in December this year, but now I want to bring you closer to this work, because it is an album that can still mix a lot in your listings this year.

Manowar or Jack Starr cover Burning Star makes a sensation here. Ken Kelly did a great job and it’s one of the best covers this year. The sound is simple, no fireworks and tries to bring us closer to the 80s. Who likes Manowar, Jack Starr Burning Star, Ravage, makes Judas Priest feel like in his kingdom. “Shadow Rising” is just a mix of styles developed by these iconic bands. Stormburner, however, is not easy and does not do karaoke. Their material is ingenious, old school and played as if the men have already played a few pairs of pretty years.

The success of this band lies not only in the cover or sound. Here the key is the content and the musicians themselves. Tommi and Matts are two talented guitarists who rock on every song. Here you can hear the chemistry, chemistry and amazing technique. Well done gentlemen. The driving force, however, is Mike Stark. The right man in the right place. Mike steals the entire show every time. Great technique, charisma and this claw are doing their job.

Okay, let’s get to the point. ” We Burn ” has an excellent guitar opening. The song quickly takes on speed and pugnacity. Real firecracker and classic solutions are here for power. The good old days of Manowar and Judas Priest are recalled. The spirit of the 80s dominates the feisty ” Metal in the Night” . This song is a great show of how great Mike Stark is. There is a hit at every step and this is a phenomenon of this album. Light and pleasant ” Shadow Rising ” is a great tribute to hard’n heavy. Band greatly diversifies this material and there is no tiredness of one motive here. Stormburner can also play epic and climatic. This is the case with ” Demon Fire” . Like a subdued piece, the shivers pass the listener from the first seconds. In similar climates we have the more crude ” Men at arms “. The band can also play very aggressively, entering the power metal areas. This is the dynamic ” Eye of the Storm “. Also worth mentioning is the marching and epic ” Rune of the dead “, which is a more elaborate song. A lot is happening here. The whole ends with a sublime, slightly melancholic ” Ode to War” and this is something beautiful. Here the band plays on our emotions.

Ladies and gentlemen, a new sheriff has appeared in the city. Let everyone be on guard, because there is a new specialist in epic heavy metal with a touch of power metal. The Swedish Stormburner is a real feast for fans of Manowar, Jack Starr Burning Starr, Omen, or Judas Priest. The debut album entitled “Shadow Rising” is one of the best albums of this year. You have to listen to it! Emotions Guaranteed.


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