Review – Stormburner – “Shadow Rising” from Hellfire Magazin (10/10)

If a band calls themselves STORMBURNER, you do not need too much imagination to be able to classify the troupe genetically. So I was with my assumption, the Swedish formation somewhere in the traditional area, possibly also to settle Power Metal, not so wrong. Founded in 2016 by Mike Stark and Tommi Korkeamäki, STORMBURNER is made up of ex-members of Steel Attack, Starblind, Blazing Guns, Skellington and Furiam. It took a good three years before their debut album “Shadow Rising” was completed, but the wait was definitely worth it.

Stylistically, the guys are moving – as already assumed – in melodic / epic Metal; Manowar, Majesty or Jack Starr’s Burning Starr might be mentioned as possible references. In addition, the cover artwork of Manowar Haus-und-Hof illustrator Ken Kelly was designed. The fact that a whiff of the 80s attends to the whole, is by no means detrimental to the listening pleasure, as the ten tracks still sound energetic and fresh. Led by exceptional vocalist Mike Stark, who not only masters all vocals with ease, from deep vocal passages to the highest screams, but also constantly wanders between the worlds, the quintet plays through ten metal anthems, which many a long – established band today Fingers would lick if they could shake those songs again from the pencils. Highlighting individual pieces is actually an impossibility, but I’m still trying to name the crème de la crème:

There is the fast opener “We Burn”, who can not deny a certain closeness to Judas Priest; the mid-tempo earwig “Men At Arms, with the veteran Manowar fans the tears of joy in the eyes; that somewhat sluggish “Rune Of The Dead”, which in the second part speeds up the pace and breathes the wit of the legendary Ronnie James Dio, the colossal-epic anthem “Ode To War” with its goosebumps, which in a league with Majesty’s “Aria Of Bravery “plays”; the potential live hit “Into The Storm” …. as I said, I could actually enumerate all the songs right away, every single piece deserves to be called.

“Shadow Rising” has been spinning through my playlist for a few weeks now, and there’s no sign of wear and tear, the ten tracks still inspire me as much as the first time I listened to them. That’s exactly what a classic metal album has to sound like, fat riffs, sing along, chorus choruses, and an outstanding vocalist, what more could you want. Of course, the Scandinavians did not reinvent the wheel, but who cares, as long as such a powerful album comes out. Anyone who does not take a scream at these references will not miss STORMBURNER!

I have 10 out of 10 Hellfire points

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