Review – Stormburner – “Shadow Rising” from Kaosguards (17/20)

At a time when revamped styles are flourishing and modern power metal is a continuous parade of copiers and each new band is a clone of the last, STORMBURNER brings a breath of fresh air with his debut album, “Shadow Rising”.

By combining elements of European power metal with the traditional sound of heavy, they give us a hellish lesson. The album is filled with songs that have catchy choruses and heavy riffs.
The flagship titles are linked faster than the brain can assimilate them and at the end of listening you are blown away by so much inspiration. Although it is true that there is not much new to incite the fans to buy this album, this ten titles is excellent in itself and concretizes the creation of the group in 2016.

“Shadow Rising” is a a work that does not neglect to include truly murderous ideas, but far from being simplistic. This release is coherent and epic, and reaches levels of excellence, which proves that the group masters its formula.

The rhythm of the album changes quite significantly, causing the intoxicating rise of speed metal energy that gives at times all its fullness. There is no reason why fans of classic / epic, speed or power metal do not like “Shadow Rising”.

Here STORMBURNER makes a shattering comeback and I urge you to follow them closely in the future …


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