Review – Stormburner – “Shadow Rising” from Metal Only (10/10)

Gosh! One forgives me that I could not resist this flat saying now, but what comes from Sweden, has just blown me just against the wall. But always in order. First of all let’s remove the field. The band name STORMBURNER shines on the cover, which was implemented by the Manowar house draftsman Ken Kelly. The song titles contain classic keywords such as Metal, Fire, Storm, War … any questions?

Who disgusted yawns the words “moah, again such a True Metal Manowarklon chapel” from the hipster beard, may like to pass to the next review. Who is still with me: Welcome to my world, and be sure; The 2016 Stormburner founded in Stockholm are NOT a complete copy of the role models.

Here the level moves more on similar paths like Ross The Boss, Wizard and old Majesty! After the faster opener “We Burn” I did not suspect yet, that I would just sit with my mouth open in front of my system and think to myself: “The Kings of Metal would be happy if they could do such songs!”

Whether it’s the pounding fist-reck over-anthems “Ragnarök” and “Men At Arms”, the absolute banger “Eye Of The Storm” or the breathtaking epic bouncer double “Rune of the Dead” and “Ode to War” which with me provided a response while listening, which I have never had when reviewing. Tears of joy in my old eyes, because such a love for classic heavy metal anthems (which are often called happy as kitsch) I rarely heard this year.

Authentic, anthemic, epic, traditional and above all; True as bright. It’s also rare for an album to get better and better on each song and culminate in such a climax. What the Swedes deliver here is without question the best thing I’ve heard about Metal this year.

The album should loop in the player of every Manowar and Co. fan. THANK YOU Stormburner for this masterpiece. You now have a place deep in my Metalheart!


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