Review – Stormburner – “Shadow Rising” from Dioses Del Metal (7,7/10)

Ending the year as we are, there are still bands to debut in this Heavy Metal, today I bring you the debut of a new formation from the capital of Sweden, they call themselves Stormburner and, formed in 2016, dare to show their first cuts with this ” Shadow Rising “, its official debut, by the hand of the Pure Steel Records label. A curious fact, not to confuse with the Stormbringer disc of the same name, has nothing to do.

Almost 50 minutes of pure heavy metal of classic cut, with lyrics of warriors and epic stories, these ten themes show very good qualities of a band that knows what it does and gives a feeling very close to having clear ideas. Launched last day 6 of the current month, ” We Burn ” is a good letter of introduction, which makes us hear a melodic cut, with a hook and very attractive, with a clean and slightly sharp voice.

The double guitars get a good synchronization in the intermediate parts accompanying the bass to the voice, as well as in the solo spaces, always giving more paper, obviously, to the soloist. This fact is very noticeable in cuts like ” Metal In The Night “, ” Eye Of The Storm ” and ” Rune Of The Dead “, to cite clearer examples. There are also faster songs in terms of hammering by the drummer, they briefly approach speed on issues such as ” Ragnarök “, ” Men At Arms ” or the namesake.

Finally we have ” Ode To War “, more similar to a singular song by his vocalist than to an epic ending as anyone would expect. Not that it’s bad, it’s a fairly repeated way lately that I can’t deny that it also has its appeal. Good global album of this debutante band, to be the mother style of metal, is very well focused and elaborated.


Review written by Moralabad

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