Review – Stormburner – “Shadow Rising” from Metal Temple (8/10)

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: STORMBURNER; signed via Pure Steel Records, hailing from Swedish grounds – performing Heavy Metal, on their debut album entitled: “Shadow Rising” (released 6th December, 2019)

Since formation in 2016; the quintet in question have only this here debut album in their discography so far entitled: “Shadow Rising“, 10 tracks ranging at around 46:54 – STORMBURNER arrange an intricately designed formula of hard-hitting Heavy Metal developments. “We Burn” begins the record; conveying amplified adrenaline, boistrously bouncy catchiness and crunchy instrumentation. Executing a borderline foundation of groovy barrages; flamboyant frenzies that ultilize uniquely vehement versatility while quintessentially raging with rhythmically chaotic chugs, galloping haste & a fluidly polished sound production that shines with razor-sharp ramifications. Warning; there is a lot of lungs that tear with shattering precision, that will make you singalong with the melodic onslaught.

Consisting of Mike Stark on lead vocals; the frontman demonstrates clean, high-pitched pipes that scream with rawly rough tightness. “Metal In The Night” forges distinctive doses of creatively complex harmonies, frolicking firepower & diligently detailed dynamics that pursuit rapidly swift nimbleness from duo guitarists Tommi Korkeamäki on rhythm/acoustic & Mats Hedström on lead guitars embellish on experimental finesse & blistering glory. It’s all fuelled with passion, traditional old-school Heavy Metal traits & seamlessly sonic substance. The titular track showcases potently vibrant varieties of monstrously meticulous meatiness, solid snappiness & quirky dexterity. Heralding yells which spits out relentlessly venomous might, with the thunderously technical organics STORMBURNER supply.

Demon Fire” starts off with an acoustic intro; afterwards implementing bombastic virtuosity, pulsating with thumpy bass audibility from Tommy Jee – elementing infectiously immersive grit & concretely gnarly aesthetics of throaty shrieks juxtaposed with rip-roaring shreds that subjugate with whirlwind rushes while transistioned with profusely robust musicianship. “Ragnarök” distributes momentously primitive manifestations of stompy drum hammering from Stefan Essmyren; fabricating battering consistency with rambunctious quakes, steely pounds & killer jumpiness. “Men At Arms” contrasts with more riveting strikes; slamming with mid-tempo progressions, revolved around a punchy yet memorable chorus calamities – another epic belter that will stick to your mind.

Eye Of The Storm” is equally fantastic; intensely riffing with speedy skill, resulting in a fierce attribute of lacerating epicness. Hymns of furocious grandure, energetic battle cries & bellowing howls amalgamated with the crushing booms will have fists pumping while their horns are held high. With its rumbling pandemonium; towering with salubrious solos, this is an exciting band that will unleash the inner berserker within. STORMBURNER excel at capturing an essence of old-school MANOWAR (don’t expect Eric Adams raw power though) while having a driving force of DIO while converged with the cheesiness of MAJESTY in their own maelstrom of modernized styles… relished with typical Viking themes from the mighty Odin, to Valhalla – that has an incredibly feel-good vibe to it. “Rune Of The Dead” shakes the ground as it marches into a stampeding strumming machine, portraying more of those elegantly exquisite singing majestics while systematically providing sublime songwriting anthems & ballad-esquire fulfillments.

Overall concluding “Shadow Rising” with the slightly dirge-like closing finale: “Ode To War“; I enjoyed an enlightening experience in which exceeded all original expectations, being a big fan of the aforementioned influences – STORMBURNER I found certainly outdone themselves for a debut. Could they be the next Kings Of Metal? Well, perhaps… we know that can’t be replaced though. Yet with that awesome artwork by Ken Kelly (who infamously done MANOWAR KISS covers) they very well could be. All metal maniacs should definitely discover this remarkably talented quintet who have a maximum shine of potential – check it out!

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

By Craig Rider at Metal Temple