Review – Stormburner – “Shadow Rising” from Zephyr’s Odem (10/10)

Who should only fill the gap that MANOWAR will soon leave, unless they are on a farewell tour for years? One or the other will surely think of many a band. At the latest now I have my candidate for the Heavy Metal Tron.

The newcomers STORMBURNER from Sweden with their debut album, yes, it is their first long player, called “Shadows Rising! And if you put the disc in you would think that it is an old-established band in the genre. But wrongly thought and that is exactly why, for me at least, the silver bullet hits like a bomb. Wouldn’t be surprised if the boys went on a walk like STEEL PANTHER did a few years ago. From “nothing” to the top very quickly. Everything is just right here. The quality of the sound is bombastically pure with the necessary degree of epicness (“Demon Fire”). In addition, there are 10 rounded titles, which simply fulfill and implement each composition cliché positively and perfectly, so that the fans get exactly what they expect from the band name and style (“We Burn”). In addition to the typical epic heavy metal we have here some metal anthems on CD, such as “Metal In The Night” or “Men At Arms”, which you have to write first, without making them look worn out. You can really have a lot of fun with the CD here and of course the guys resemble the mighty MANOWAR, but they are by no means a cheap copy. The necessary portion of independence is available, as well as a certain recognition value (“Ragnarök”).

The slice really sweeps the sausage off the bread! You could almost say that here you get what the big bands may have been missing over the years. The titles are straightforward and genuine, just gushing with energy without being forced or truncated. So I take the matter from STORMBURNER at least 100% for the Swedes and can just give the full number of points!


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