Review – Stormburner – “Shadow Rising” from (8/10)

Arriving at the record debut, Stormburner were born in Sweden in 2016 for the idea of ​​the singer Mike Stark (ex voice of Starblind but also ex Steel Attack, where he had played the drums) and Tommi Korkeamäki (Blazing Guns), who over time have then found the other three adventure companions who accompany them during this ” Shadow Rising “.
To tell the truth, there is also more to accompany them, above all a strong devotion and inspiration towards the Classic and Epic Metal of Manowar, but it is just as evident as the Stormburnerhave something more in their ropes, and above all how they were able to put it to good use and support it in the best way, going to take care of the details but also the fundamentals: the recording was entrusted to Ronny Hemlin (Tad Morose, Steel Attack ) while the heroic cover is the work of Ken Kelly , famous Fantasy illustrator who has collaborated for a long time with Manowar (in addition to Rainbow and Kiss).

In the forty-nine minutes made available to them, the Stormburners prefer epic and mythological themes based on mid-tempo and rich in sing-a-long, except that the initial ” We Burn ” proves to be a crazy splinter, perhaps even a little exaggerated in the ways and tones, with a surprisingMike Stark we discover excellent vocalist. ” Metal in the Night ” does not seem to bear the impact of the opener, and flows away without hurting the shot, giving way to two decidedly more solid tracks, between Hammerfall and Primal Fear, such as ” Shadow Rising ” and ” Demon Fire “.
At this point, on a song entitled ” Ragnarök “, the Stormburners could only become Manowarians, in fact, only in this way can we define the gait of this piece that deals with the theme of the Final Battle , with the same Stark who does not exempt himself from Treble to Eric Adams. And the Kings of Metal stay by their side even on “Eye of the Storm “or” Into the Storm “, leading them first to the battle and then to a storm, where the Hammerfall and the first Nocturnal Rites await them.
The ending is the preserve of the epic, the rougher one of ” Rune of the Dead “, which in addition to the usual notes also remembers the Grave Diggers, given that Stark does not disdain to grind Boltendahl’s teeth, and the evocative, poetic and choral” Ode to War “, with a conclusion on the style of” The Crown and the Ring (Lament of the Kings) “.

I don’t think that the Stormburners have any harm in having been placed alongside the Hammerfall or the Manowar, especially given that with”Shadow Rising“they undoubtedly do better than the last releases of both groups. In fact, despite all their clichés – or perhaps thanks to them – they have made a winning debut album, where Steel Meets King and combined are able to conquer fans of the genre. Among them, myself.


Review by Sergio ‘Ermo’ Rapetti

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