Review – Stormburner – “Shadow Rising” from FFM-ROCK (8/10)

STORMCHILD, STORMZONE, STORMHAMMER, STORMHOLD and and and … bands with the name prefix STORM are a dime a dozen … this one is called STORMBURNER, comes from Sweden and plays traditional Heavy Metal in a hymn-tailored Epik-garb. The brisk opener with a completely failed high-pitched-tone cry has a slight hesitation at first, which diminishes sharply as it progresses. The focus of shouter Mike Stark often revolves around the ex-PINK CREAM or official HELLOWEEN singer Andi Deris at a younger age, who combines with distinct Joacim Cahn’s (HAMMERFALL) vocal facet, although he manages to be extreme, even extremely to hold high pitches.

So many times catchwords like “Fight, Kill”, heroic Ohohoho-Singalongs plus the related level of spheres to MANOWAR, HAMMERFALL or simply to a cross between both, some passages remind us of the Wolfenbüttel traditional metallers KING LEORIC. Although there are still some lengths to “Shadow Rising”, but apart from that, STORMBURNER have done a lot right on their studio debut.

Direct Groover “Demon Fire” “Ragnarök” and “Man At Arms” “Into The Storm” or from the start fast Power Metal projectiles á lá “” Eye Of The Storm “or” Ode To War “for the Asgard Valkyries imagined tribute flanked by powerful male choir singing in which much of the sphere dynamics are spreading are powerful Heroic breakers that classic old school metalheads might love. A pretty boldly designed fantasy optic metal cover art, which optically livens up the eye, underlines the overall work.

Conclusion: Successful debut of the Swedes for fans of classic-influenced traditional metal music with Epik-Faible between HAMMERFALL, HELLOWEEN and MANOWAR.

Great debut!


By Michael Tosher Read the review at FFM ROCK (In German)