Review – Stormburner – “Shadow Rising” from Powerplay Rock and Metal Magazine (9/10)

Yet another absolutely great new band out of Sweden! Add Stormburner to the seemingly ever-growing list of amazing metal groups from this great country.

They specialise in fist-pumping, anthemic, traditional/power metal. The soaring vocals of Mike Stark, the effortless riffing from Tommi Korkeamäki and Mats Hedström, and the very capable rhythm section (Tom Jee and Stefann Essmyren) mak for a combustible team. This impressive opus combines mid-paced Accept-like chuggers (‘Into The Storm’, ‘Metal In The Night’, ‘Men At Arms’, and ‘Shadow Rising’) with some scathing lead breaks, along with some scorchers (‘Eye Of The Storm’, ‘We Burn’ and ‘Ragnarök’). The Production values are very clean, and it captures the mood and energy of the group properly.

Plainly stated, ‘Shadow Rising’ is a prime slice of momentous metal! A great debut of which Stormburner should be very proud!


By Tony Pijar at Powerplay Rock and Metal Magazine