Review – Stormburner – “Shadow Rising” from Loud and Proud (70/100)

Recently, Sweden has returned to the forefront of the most classic metal front line, churning out more or less valid realities, reaffirming a leading position. In this magmatic cauldron also the Stormburner boil, dealing with the debut “Shadow Rising”.

The members of the group are not first class (Starblind, Steel Attack, Somber), and they feel themselves in the construction of sound and attitude. We are faced with a melodic heavy metal strongly impregnated by the epic instances of Manowar, the main source to which they drink, to which must be added more or less marked influences of Majesty, Wizard, Burning Star, flashes of Omen and Jag Panzer and some similar vocal melody to Lizzy Borden.

The album is quite smooth, played mainly on heroic and stentorian mid tempo, seasoned with combative choirs and melodic guitars, but not too cloying. Mike Stark’s voice is declamatory and sharp at the same time, sometimes shrill certainly suited to the proposed genre.

The level of songwriting is alternate, with some nice tracks at the beginning and some filler towards the end, while maintaining a more than acceptable level. The opener ‘We Burn’ stands out, in fact the only speed song in the lot and ‘Eye Of The Storm’, a telluric broadside in pure Judas Priest style, while the final ‘Ode To War’ is a true epic anthem to sing with the arm around the wrist, looking at Joey De Maio and straight partners in the eyes.

Swords, studs, sweaty warriors and fierce Vikings recur in tons of texts, to the delight of old defenders. In summary, a pleasant, intense, well played but sometimes discounted disc, since it is repetitive. Worth a listen if you are among those who respond to the word ‘King, Warrior, Steel’.


By Marco Grosso

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