Review – Stormburner – “Shadow Rising” from Metal Zone (75/100)

Sweden dominates quantitative (perhaps qualitative) traffic across Europe. He’s been playing half my (three-digit number) sounds the last two months were from this country. Anyway. A quintet from the same country, Stormburner introduces us with their debut album ” Shadow Rising ” released a few days ago by Pure Steel Records on cd and a limited number of vinyls. Ten songs of melodic heavy metal to the ears of those who like such sounds. Recorded and produced by Ronny Hemlin (Tad Morose, Steel Attack) while the cover is an art by Ken Kelly (MANOWAR, KISS, RAINBOW).

Those who like catchy tunes and groovy rhythms do the trick. Those who want their epic heavy metal catch and listen. The warrior on the cover does not accidentally resemble Manowar (except that he is the artist himself). It’s from their influences. Of course they play more European, faster beat, and much, much more catchy and simple. Let’s remember ancient Hammerfall and we’re inside. Or Majesty for their cheese work. Especially lyrical, you will hear (that you have heard) that it is necessary to light the metal torch. Without being anything special, the compositions are enjoyable to listen to. The ” Demon Fire ” I loved and I imagine many Sabaton fans will do is simple but it hooks you with its melodies. A persuasive solo, repetitive outbursts to fill in while singing along, background vocal cries, ending in singing. Then we have two songs, very Manowaric, ” Ragnarök ” and ” Men at Arms ”. And the classic laughter of Eric Adams in ” Eye of the Storm ” can’t help but be compared. ” Rune of the Dead ” also brought me the Grave Digger. In conclusion, Stormburner will not be distinguished by laurels. If you like the aforementioned bands (Manowar, Sabaton etc), take your dose. Until there!!!


Review by Dimitris Tsaousidis

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