Review – Stormburner – “Shadow Rising” from (4/5)

Nobody will ever be able to fill the incredible energy that the early MANOWAR had. Least of all – you have to say that at the latest after the completely unacceptable “Final Battle” EP, the New Yorkers will succeed.

STORMBURNER try anyway, including a wonderfully clichéd KEN KELLY cover. Musically, the debut offers entertaining Heavy / Power Metal material with good entertainment value for all hikers on the paths of the Trueness, but “Shadow Rising” is missing despite the high sing-along factor the necessary substance for higher things. Mike Stark also has a lot of power in his lungs, but he also uses his high squeezed screams in an inflationary manner and thus tires in the long run.

The classically oriented Trueheimer should approach this album with somewhat well-founded expectations, because then the same thing looks completely different. With your brain turned off, you can then unpack the popcorn for a “Demon Fire” or “Men At Arms” (Geil!) Or / and shake your fist or whatever in sync with the effect-rich gait shouting and male choir singing. Fortunately, the unfortunate Schunkel and jug swivel factor, which made MAJESTY a double-edged sword even in better times, is left out at STORMBURNER. Instead, the HAMMERFALL patterns are lined with some US power, as you can find on good CAGE albums.

This is definitely not an album for truffle pigs who only want to put future classics on the shelf, but an extremely fun and also optically refined plate by KEN KELLY for pumping and screaming buzzwords.

“Shadow Rising” is an evening full of beer and action films. “Men At Arms” should be enough to determine if you are made of the right stuff. If in doubt, you could also ask the “Rune Of The Dead”. If it has not yet ignited, you should urgently move into the safe space zone of your faculty as a hopeless case, in which you should be locked for your own protection forever, because otherwise you will be irreversible with the “Ode To War” at the latest are traumatized.


By Lex J.Oven
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