Review – Stormburner – “Shadow Rising” from Heavy Metal Pages Magazine PL (4,5/6)

The Swedish debut is a CD for the Danes Wizard, Jack Starr´s Burning Starr and Manowar.

Although the logo and a large number of screams can at first direct the slider to music like Riot City, the whole decadence fits more in the “powerful” aesthetics of true heavy metal. In addition, the method of singing Mickey Stark – apart from falsety and screams – is especially associated with the chorus accompanying him with the vocals of Sven D´Anna.

The aesthetics of “true heavy metal” is emphasized by a cover painted by Ken Kelly and texts like from a generator. They are obviously better than what Majesty represents and … they are more in touch with the band’s origin.
The musicians themselves emphasize that singing about Viking beliefs is part of their tradition. Fact, no Wizard or other Stormwarrior is as entitled to this subject as Swedes. Although Stormburner can be accused of generality, the “Shadow Rising” album listens great.

It is very well done, sounds great, has a large charge of energy and there is a mine of good melodies. Although the pace is dominated by medium pace perfectly exposing massive riffs, it ends with a balladic manifestation of the genre “Ode to War” is even a hold’em for manovary, lofty hymns.

It has both a powerful sick and a majestic chorus, interesting arrangements of ornaments or screams in the style of Adams. It is interesting that such a good and neatly made album suddenly appeared without Prejudice.

Here is the debut of a well-made disc, embellished with a cover created by the hand of an iconic graphic. Well, the bar is high!


Review by Heavy Metal Pages Poland Magazine Issue 73