Review – Stormburner – “Shadow Rising” from VladRocker Metal blog PL (9/10)

Sounds like the Swedish answer to HammerFallLook and learn – Manager HammerFall should say, bringing them to Stormburner’s concert. The younger colleagues recorded their debut album better by several classes than all HF albums after “Legacy Of Kings”. 

Melodious to pain, full of foam, but heavy. Arrogantly arranged, how many layers here! Full of great chorus to sing with a beer, not losing momentum for a moment. Screwing more with each subsequent listening.Stormburner will certainly forgive another comparison. This is “Glory To The Brave” debut. Shot. 

Maintaining this level will be a serious challenge.


Review by Vlad Nowajczyk at VladRocker Metal Mag (In Polish)