Review – Stormburner – “Shadow Rising” from Metalglory

If you look at the cover, designed by Ken Kelly, who has already worked for Manowar, Kiss and Rainbow, you will immediately draw associations with our heroes in the loincloth, Manowar. But musically speaking, the Swedes are now way ahead of the group around Joey DeMaio.

The finest melodic metal with the right attitude is celebrated by the northern men from Stockholm. The fact that they also devote themselves to the usual slaughter topics and that they are not that far away from Manowar thematically suggests that it is time for a changing of the guard. For some years now, Manowar have been making more of a name for themselves with concert cancellations and other nonsense than with convincing music, and more and more are turning into a puppet. But the Swedes from Stormburner proudly wave the banner and let their hypersensitive metal unleash on the people. The songs alternate between epic hymns and speed cracks, which drives the enjoyment of the album even higher. The fact that the Stockholmers have only just made their debut on the market may be surprising because of the quality and one can only hope that they have not yet used up their powder. A more than thick purchase recommendation!

Conclusion: Pure Swedish steel.

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