Stormburner: Norse mythology, heavy metal version

Tell us about your latest release: What were your goals and what can people expect from it?
-Our goal was simply to write heavy metal. We never had any preconceived ideas about how we wanted it to sound. Just pure audial steel.
We decided early on, when we formed the band back in 2016, that we would take our time and be 100% satisfied with everything on the album before we could release it. This goes from everything like songs, lyrics, production and cover art. For example we contracted Ken Kelly (Manowar, KISS, Rainbow) to paint the cover artwork. We hired the well known Ronny Hemlin (Steel Attack, Tad Morose) as our producer so that we could make sure we got the best possible production. People should expect no less than a heavy metal album built on pure passion and dedication from all that were involved.

Is there a main concept around this album which you can tell us about? If not, what’s the message you’re trying to convey musically and lyrically?
-We wanted to incorporate our ancestral lore with the lyrics and the cover art, but other than that there are no distinct themes. We just wanted to make an epic heavy metal album worthy of harboring those tales and legends.

How would you describe your sound evolution and who would you cite as musical references?
-Well, since it is our debut album our musical evolution is yet to come, but I’m sure it will be within that same heavy metal sphere. Our main influences are Manowar, Judas Priest and Saxon but there are many other NWOBHM-bands that have inspired us.

Review: Known for other more aggressive deals, Sweden also offers us high quality heavy / power metal, as is easy to see by listening to the Stormburner. “We Burn”, from “Shadow Rising” (2019), is a classic metal exercise in which the main instrument is Mike Stark’s highly high-pitched and technical voice, which greatly helps other players to reach another level. If your wave is pure metal from the mid-1980s, if you worship Helloween and Sanctuary and even Agent Steel, give the Stormburner a chance. You’ll like it!

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